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Baltimore fanatic with a passion for photography, writing, and design.

On set with Kira Nicole Photography

On set with Kira Nicole Photography


About Me

Hi! I'm Kelsey. I'm a photographer, writer, and designer with a business communication degree and a focus in journalism and graphic design from Stevenson University. Currently I work as an assistant for Plaid Photo, an associate photographer for Kira Nicole Photography, a communications intern for City Church Presbyterian, a freelancer for any projects I can get my hands on, and dabble as a writer in my spare time.

Studying business communication, a lot of what you learn is essentially how to tell a story well. Whether it's conveying the significance of a new brand, a breaking news story, or a remarkable dish crafted by your favorite restaurant, it all entails telling a story, and the success or failure of that story depends on how you tell it. But, to me, what really makes any story interesting is the people behind these things: behind the brand, behind the news story, and behind the kitchen doors crafting that dish. That's why I believe that every person has a story worth telling and I want to be the channel through which these stories are told.

So I said I believe that everyone has a story worth telling, right? Well here's a little bit of mine...

I’ve adopted the idea that my life is one long story and I want to tell my story well.
I'm Baltimore born and raised. I have a heart for this city and see its crazy potential. Growing up, I was known for telling "stories" and loved thinking I could spin my dreams into realities by convincing others of them. Let's just say, when I was between the ages of 4-7 I left a lot of people scratching their heads about where I lived and what kinds of pets I had (my poor teachers).
I've always been on a bit of a different path in life. A story in and of itself, I experienced a lot of health issues that transferred me in and out of different schools until I had to leave school altogether and prioritize my health. I was often held up in bed and feeling left out of the typical adolescent experiences, which is why my head was usually pressed into a good book or engrossed in a movie.
Like I said, it's been a bit of a different path, but I wouldn't change it for the world. Partly, because it's given me a strength and an ability to persevere that I wouldn't otherwise have, and partly because I've adopted the idea that my life is one long story and I want to tell my story well.

I've also gained a huge appreciation for other people's stories. This is why my logo features a quotation mark. It's my favorite punctuation mark because I get to use it after I've sat down with somebody and listened to their stories. I hope my life's story is filled with quotation marks!

Sparked your interest? Let me tell your story.






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