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Writing & Photography: Broadway Live

An Interactive Performance Series Channels Your Inner Broadway Diva


It was dark in the Motor House theatre, all except for the stage. A young woman with bouncy red hair stepped up and faced us. Her excitement was palpable. After taking a deep breath, the keyboardist began to play, and then she invited us to “fade in on a girl with a hunger for fame.”

Emily belted out the TV show “Smash’s” leading song as if she was Karen Cartwright reincarnated, pleading for her listeners to “Let Me Be Your Star.” The choice of song from the 2012 ABC show shining a spotlight on the inner-workings of a Broadway production seemed appropriate for what was unfolding. It was as if she too was auditioning for her big break on Broadway and she didn’t seem too far off.

This is one of the purposes of Broadway Live: to make Broadway seem accessible. Created by musical theatre veteran CJay Philip, this newly developed monthly event in Baltimore gives both Broadway fans and musical theatre professionals a chance to shine.

Split into Act I and Act II—one for children and one for adults—this event hosts games, featured performances, and a Q & A session all surrounding the theme of Broadway. And for anyone who can hand over some sheet music and tolerate a spotlight, the open mic portion is the highlight.

“I love the way that Broadway can bring people together… what it can do to connect people… I love that. To me that’s what it’s about,” Philip said.

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